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Dr. Rob Eubanks talks about the process of change and the story of Daniel.

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Ever feel like you have a mountain to climb & no one is around to show you how?

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Waves in Florida? Oh yeaaaa!

I successfully climbed 19,335 feet to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, but not on my own. While the climb was a tremendous challenge and not without it’s risks, my chances of safety and success were hardly a question. Not because of my abilities but because I was guided by someone who had been to the summit many times before me.
        The path was well known, the challenges prepared for, and all I needed to do was just climb. Imagine, though, had I taken to conquer Kilimanjaro alone. My bravado would have gotten me a fraction of the way up the mountain and possibly to the end of my life! 
        Fortunately, I climbed the mountain in the safest, most efficient way possible and was left with memories for a lifetime.
        A better life and better relationships are no different. Should you choose to continue “going it alone” you risk emotional and physical well-being, relationships and happiness.

Video Archieves: See Dr. Rob teaching and demonstrating therapy (and surfing!).

REBT Presentation: Arlington, VA

Dr. Rob Eubanks demonstrates the ABC method of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).


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